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This is our business in Thailand, you can check our business from this website but here, I will write this business from my point of view. My husband and our friend-3 Thai partners set up a company called ‘TASTE HUNTERS” and import natural wine and craft sake.

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We are doing our best to spread the story and the sake/wine of the small breweries and wineries that we found while traveling. As I traveled around various countries, I felt bored and sad that the company was always aiming for growth and became so big that it monopolized the market and changed to a characterless taste and scenery.

When we traveled Austria, where about 20% of the country’s farmland is organic, or where they try not to buy electricity from nuclear power, we met people who have been making delicious wines. The wine that is made by hand without using pesticides or chemical fertilizers, with using solar power has a really beautiful taste. A mineral-rich taste from a winery that was under the sea 1000 of years ago, and a vibrant grape taste from a winery run by a single person-from field, brewing to labeling all done by himself. The wine has a soft taste from completely handmade. I hope this kind of wine can survive : you can imagine the scenery and faces that have been making. Japanese craft sake are the same concept. The sake has one and only taste with collecting yeast existing in the air without adding pre-made yeast. The stable clear taste made from family-run sake brewery that continues for 400 years. The modern taste that has been improved over time to express freshness and teloir.

All the wineries and breweries are family-run and small, and they produce super local flavors. What’s interesting is that when you focus on super local, it becomes delicious enough for the global market. We are working to create a world in which various flavors can always exist on an appropriate scale, rather than being dominant by monoculturization. It’s always a self-contradictory challenge to run an import/export business, but I hope we can live in a world where really good things can survive without proclaiming theirselves nor growing big.

Oh, but the best part is that those kinds of craft sakes and natural wines don’t really give you bad hangover lol.

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