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Food Work

In this world, there are foods that are “ridiculously delicious”. But depending on who makes it, even when using the same ingredients and recipes, the end result may not be so “ridiculously delicious”. That’s the main reason why we travel, to find out why this happens.

When we do travel, we always end up meeting kind, beautiful people with ridiculously delicious foods and stories. These stories are so full of warmth and depth. These stories probably exist all around us, at any given time. But when we can experience these stories first hand, the stories take on a whole new meaning.

The YOU BOX project is the brainchild of Yu Nakamura, and is a collection of these “ridiculously delicious” experiences. Her goal is to share these experiences with the world, and create even more delicious experiences.

Member:TABLE COMPANY/Masashi Watanabe(W DESIGN)/Shunsuke Nakagami/Takayuki Asahina/Mio Kojima