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Grandma’s recipes


Grandma’s recipes


After meeting over 100 grandmas from 15 countries, “Grandma’s happy recipes story book” is now on sale.


Korean version are from here. We are looking for publishing other language too :)




Interpark Book…

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A mother’s home cooking. It may not be as elegant as a 3 Michelin starred restaurant, but you will never get tired of mom’s comfort food. Comfort food is made for others, it represents the relationships you share with those you care about. That may be the essence of a “mother’s recipe”. And the mother’s recipe that outranks all, is a “grandmother’s recipe”.

No matter what country we visit, we find a granny with great wrinkly smiles, and she teaches us her recipes. But these recipes do not have measurements. A grandma knows the exact amount of ingredients through years of experience and intuition.

Our team especially tries to focus on eccentric, lovely ladies above the age of 80, who have lived through World War Two. We interview then with great care, and through their recipes, we are able to uncover great depth in their life stories. We are even able to document many culinary survival tips that can be useful even today.

We want to spread these stories to the young generations living today. We believe that if we can share the stories of these beautiful and loving ladies to the world, regardless of borders and languages, people may appreciate the dinner table just a little bit more.

Osechi (a traditional dish for the day of the year) made by Sumiko oba-chan, Super fun and big family in Warabino, Kochi for doing great new year festival in the family.

Osechi (a traditional dish for the day of the year) made by Keiko oba-chan, well-bred in Tokyo, who have made flying pan out of unexploded incendiary bomb while World War Two.

Osechi (a traditional dish for the day of the year) made by Kiyoko oba-chan who is a wife of the monk and talks with an lovely accent of Oishida

“Nishin(herring)- sushi” made by Mrs. Itoshiro in Itoshiro, where people have lived with faith from old times, with a population of 270.

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