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Creative Work

“You Couzine” are seasonal design magazines inspired by moods. Created in a partnership of BREW inc. and Yu Nakamura, each issue will bring a selection of shops, restaurants and stories that follow a different mood.


The second issue’s theme is “escape”.

Summer – A special season which has power to make people feel vividly though they saw an ordinary view. Only this time, no matter how luxurious and complicated cuisine can’t be compared to ridiculously simple and juicy food and watery super cold beer, so what we need for summer meal is “fun” rather than “tasty”. At the start of this story, we were headed to the beach with good company, nice and hot music, and discursive chat.

We’ve got interviewed by lomography, which sponsored with their great cameras for our shooting!

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The first issue is “Are you happy?”

As cherry blossom season approaches, happiness fills people’s hearts. To make this season even more special, we have selected special restaurants and stories that will keep you in a happy mood. And it came out as cute zine!

Only 88 copies are published at this time, you can buy them in cool zine shop in Tokyo and Sao Paulo.

On April 2015, we’ve had a Hanami party to celebrate the launching of our first edition! We enjoyed this happy moment with special hanami lunch box made by Yu Nakamura, Sakura beer curated by BREW!

Which mood will be next?

Member:BREW, Yu Nakamura