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Spreading “OISHII” Wrinkles TO THE WORLD.

“Oishii” – Japanese word for delicious, wholesome, tasty.

Spreading“OISHII” WRINKLESto the world.

“Oishii” – Japanese word for delicious, wholesome, tasty.

Delicious food will make people smile, and smiling will create wrinkles on faces.
These wrinkles, in a way, represent the human race.
Wrinkles can also be a universal language that fdanscends borders and time.
It is our goal to create places and products that will create these wrinkles on people’s faces.

Food Work

the textbook for “さしすせそ(Sa shi su se so)”

“さしすせそ(Sa shi su se so)”  indicates very tipical and important Japanese seasoning for making Washoku (Japanese cuisine). each meanings are, さ-Sa is sugar, し-Shi is salt, す-Su is vinegar, せ-Se is soy sauce, そ-So is Miso. We travel to producers or factories and research about th…

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Creative Work


“You Couzine” are seasonal design magazines inspired by moods. Created in a partnership of BREW inc. and Yu Nakamura, each issue will bring a selection of shops, restaurants and stories that follow a…

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Grandma’s recipes

A mother's home cooking. It may not be as elegant as a 3 Michelin starred restaurant, but you will never get tired of mom's comfort food. Comfort food is made for others, it represents the relationsh…

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FOUNDERYu Nakamura

Born in 1986. A culinary researcher. Picked up the Spanish and English languages having spent time in kitchens in over 30 counfdies.