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Coconuts Nakamura – almost famous


Coconuts Nakamura – almost famous

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We established the coconut flower sugar brand called “Coconuts Nakamura -almost famous“.

We were so amazed by the beautiful taste of the coconut flower sugar which produced in the area 1 hour from Bangkok. They grow bugs for their own way of organic, which is awarded in Thailand recently and certificated by Europe and Germany standard. (this is pretty rare in Thailand, “Organic” is most of the times little gray here.)

They slice the coconut flower bud for 1mm, 4am and 4pm everyday and then they collect the syrup comes down little by little. They boil it on the handmade stove with using the natural resources like coconut shell and leaves that they can get at their farm. The leader of the organic farm is a young lady and she has guts to hire people and make work place for the village but there is no young people left so workers are like in their 70s or so. And we happened to find out that their pricing is more you sell more you become poor. (usually coconut flower sugar is pretty cheap in Thailand though its hard work and quality.) We are in love with all the fact, people and the taste. It has lots of mineral, complex sweetness with a bit of saltiness, and that makes people happy itself, and really tasty when you make mojito out of this. Also, it’s low GI!

So we are hoping this to be “Coconuts Nakamura -world famous” someday.

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